Mind Experiment: What is Mine to Do

Happy New Year!Time is a man-made construct and not everything changes just because it is a new year, but I like new beginnings, so I embrace the new year greetings.  It’s a good reminder that every moment is an opportunity for a fresh start.

I enjoyed taking some time off at the end of the year to rejuvenate and spent the time resting, mountain biking, putzing around the house and garden, and reflecting.  As a small business owner of a physical medicine practice during a pandemic, last year was crazy busy.  There were a lot of new tasks to do, plus a lot of things to figure out or even reinvent.  I did a pretty good job finding moments to allow my mind to quiet and make room for insight and intuition—the only way I could make it through the enormous number of changes with some sense of calm and sanity!  And over the break I really enjoyed having even longer periods of time for quiet.

Mind Experiment: What is Mine to do Right Now?

The question that arose for me at the end of my break was: how do I bring that feeling of quiet, reflection, being guided, and wonder at the simple things in life into the new year? Little did I know that so quickly there would be even more political chaos that would make this question even more important and challenging to answer.  Fortunately, I came up with a way to point myself in the direction of resiliency that’s been really helpful for me, especially lately, so that’s what I’m going to share with you today.

Mind Experiment:  Over the next two weeks check in on a regular basis and ask yourself with curiosity “What is mine to do right now?”  It’s especially important to ask yourself this question if you feel yourself getting out of balance, tense, frustrated, angry, or scared.  Even better, it is helpful to ask yourself this anytime you think of it.

What might this look like? 
10 days ago on Wednesday, when the electoral votes were going to be officially turned in, I was aware there would probably be some political news.  When I got to work I asked myself “What is mine to do right now?”  And the answer was “Get your charts ready and settle in for treating patients.”  So that’s what I did with my all my heart. 

Part way through the morning, a patient mentioned some newsworthy things were happening on Capitol Hill. I asked myself “What is mine to do right now?” and the answer was “Keep your focus on the patients and how you can help them.”

At my lunch break the answer was “Check in on the news.”  So I did, but only for a short bit because I also knew that soon the answer would be “Settle in for helping patients in the afternoon who are going to be stressed with their concerns of what is happening on Capitol Hill.” 

A few patients in the afternoon asked me if I knew what was going on.  I told them I was aware, but that I don’t spend a lot of time looking at the news when I am at work because it does not help the acupuncture they are here for.Several of them said, “Good, don’t look. The news will be there tonight.”  I agreed.

Since then, I keep asking myself this question “What is mine to do right now?”  Sometimes the answer is work, sometimes it’s take care of myself by eating while relaxed, getting outside for some exercise, or getting a good night’s sleep.  Sometimes the answer is to check in with friends and family.  And sometimes the answer is check in on the news, educate myself about history, civics,and what I can do to support the political change I am called to support.

Why does this question help you get back into balance?
You can only do one thing at a time.  All the claims of multitasking are false.  Multitasking is really a series of switching between doing different things, one at a time, for very short periods of time.

When there is chaos, either near or far, it can be tempting to think you need to monitor it.  But is that really yours to do? For some people and in certain situations the answer is yes.  I know people that stayed up to watch all the votes be counted on January 6 and were grounded in their decision.  And I know people that turned the news off because they needed to get a good night’s sleep.  Both of those decisions can bring you back to balance if you are listening to your answer from inside of you.The problem comes when people think they can monitor the chaos while they are working, for example.  For most people monitoring the news is not part of their work and so that’s not going to bring them back into balance.

Why does this question help the world?
There are people whose “thing” is to affect change on a large-scale level.  But most people are mostly affecting change locally. Even the people working on large-scale global change toggle back and forth between influencing locally and globally.

Locally may be right in front of your nose.  For me most of the time it’s my patients, my husband, friends, and family.When I get back into balance and am in service of those people, that’s the best I can do to get my good intentions to ripple out into the world. Sometimes locally for me means local politicians, organizations, or my spiritual community.  What is yours to do right now will change from moment to moment.  Know that it’s totally ok if what is yours to do right now is local or even personal.

The world could use more people who are clear on what is theirs to do in that moment AND then put their whole heart into doing that. 

“Being in the moment introduces you to a new world.
Being in the moment connects you to your true identity.
This connection brings you peace and contentment.
You are no longer a victim of your thoughts,
rushing here and there, to the past or to the future,
but at peace with the quiet strength inside of you.
This state gives you clarity, calmness, and
allows insight to emerge.
This peace is our birthright.”

–Elsie Spittle, Nuggets of Wisdom

Give this mind experiment a try by asking yourself “What is mine to do right now?” and listening for your answer.  Let me know how it goes!

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We’ll follow up when we have effective dates for other insurance carriers.  We expect them to have effective dates sometime between the end of January to end of March.

Happy Mind Explorations,
Here’s to more time spent doing what is ours to do with all our heart!
Christina Ness-Hawks, LAc

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