Immune System & Respiratory Health

Acupuncture and herbal medicine are highly effective in treating respiratory and immune system disharmonies such as:

  • allergies
  • hay fever
  • rhinitis
  • sinusitis and sinus infections
  • sinus headaches
  • colds and flus, including corona viruses such as COVID-19
  • coughs and bronchitis
  • asthma
  • eye, ear, and throat disorders
  • recovery after prolonged illness
  • immune system dysfunctions
  • chronic fatigue

Channel based Balance Method acupuncture helps relieve symptoms and regain balance for your respiratory and immune systems when they overreacts to your surroundings or are constantly run down. Acupuncture will treat both the current symptoms, known as the branch, and the underlying constitutional deficiencies that cause one to be prone to such imbalances, known as the root of the problem.

Christina suffered from allergies, sinus infections, and a poor immune system from age 11; she was always run down and limiting and managing her activities. In her mid 20’s, Christina’s life was transformed when she was treated with Chinese Medicine and was finally able to experience the vitality she’d always hoped for. It was this life changing transformation that inspired Christina to become an acupuncturist and help people live a life of optimal health. She will both deeply understand your illness and inspire your well-being. Christina knows firsthand what it’s like to be burdened and overwhelmed by health challenges and she’s excited to assist you along the path to optimum health through Chinese Medicine. She will empower you to make the decisions that turn your health around so you can live the healthy life you dream of.

Christina has been studying how to heal the respiratory and immune systems since she was a teenager and is able to create a safe, comprehensive, and effective treatment plan based on natural healthcare and Chinese Medicine. Many patients experience an immediate reduction in symptoms and over a course of treatment are able to create long term well-being.

Christina has extensively studied the herbal formulas used in Asia for effectively preventing and treating corona viruses, such as SARS-CoV and COVID-19.  Her herbs are from well regulated and respected suppliers and have a shelf life of several years.


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