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Do you have nagging health concerns that are preventing you from living life to its fullest?

  • Do you struggle with chronic pain or sports injuries?
  • Are you frequently stressed and unable to fully relax, even on your days off?
  • Do you have allergies, sinusitis, frequent colds, or chronic health problems and feel like you have run out of options for help?
  • Are you seeking an alternative or complement to conventional medicine?
  • Would you like greater physical and mental well-being?
  • Do you want more energy, balance, and joy in your daily life?

Then you are at the right place for relief!

Our Santa Rosa acupuncture clinic has helped many people just like you. We know that health is so much more than the absence of disease. In fact, your health is the most precious asset that you have. There is nothing more important than being proactive about your health, investing in your well-being, and choosing a lifestyle that fosters longevity and vitality.

Chinese medicine can help you get to the root cause of your health problems, rather than put a temporary bandage on them. This safe, gentle, and highly effective natural healthcare system can help restore your health and well-being, enabling you to live the life you dream of.

Our mission at Thrive Acupuncture and Wellness is to support you in achieving optimal health so you can thrive in the life you want to live.

Why Thrive Acupuncture and Wellness?

  • Our goal is to get you feeling better fast, first by giving you quick relief from what’s bothering you most, and then by treating the root of the problem.
  • We offer a comprehensive diagnosis and a clearly communicated treatment plan; We will take the time to educate you about what’s wrong, why, and how it can be treated with Chinese medicine.
  • We are gentle and committed to providing relaxing therapeutic treatments.
  • We offer evening and morning appointments to accommodate your work schedule.
  • We have extensive clinical experience treating a wide variety of conditions.
  • We bill directly for Worker’s Compensation claims.  We can provide you with a detailed receipt called a SuperBill for Medical Insurance, Personal Injury,  and Auto Insurance claims.  More information can be found in our FAQs.

Take Control

At Thrive Acupuncture and Wellness, we hope to inspire you to become proactive about your health and help you find the best course of action for your specific needs. If you’re ready to take control of your health once and for all:

  1. Download our free e-book How to Thrive in the Modern World: A layperson’s guide to Chinese medicine.  This ebook contains valuable information about Chinese medicine and will show you:
    • how Chinese medicine is uniquely capable of transforming your health and life
    • the intimate connection between your emotions, beliefs, and health challenges
    • how our unique approach can help your specific health issues.
  2. Browse through our website and meet Our Team of skilled acupuncturists.
  3. Call us today at (707) 527-0868 so we can answer any questions you may have and schedule your first appointment so you can get on the road to better health now.

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