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Our Respiratory Virus & COVID Safety Protocols

What We Ask Of You:

  1. Do not come to the clinic if you could be contagious with a cold, flu, or respiratory virus.  This means don’t come to the clinic if you are feeling sick with respiratory virus symptoms or if you have had CLOSE contact with COVID in the past 5 days.
    • When you arrive  we’ll ask you to confirm that you don’t have a cold, flu, respiratory virus, or recent CLOSE COVID exposure.  We do this as a reminder in our busy world.  You can help us out by being ready to say “I’m Not Contagious!” 
    • See the FAQs below or reach out to us if you want help figuring out if you should come to the clinic before you drive all the way here.
  2. Patients can chose if they want to wear a mask or not during part or all of their visit.
    • If you want to wear a mask for part of your visit, the acupuncturist can take it off before they leave the room to allow you to rest.
    • Help yourself to a surgical mask if you forgot yours and want one.
  3. Get in touch ASAP to cancel, reschedule, or ask questions about if you should be coming to the clinic.
    • We are not charging the late cancel fee for any virus concerns, but we appreciate an early heads up so we can accommodate patients on our waitlist.
    • Let us know if you would like herbal support to help you get better fast.  There’s more info about treating viruses with natural remedies here so you can get a head start.

What We Do:

  • Staff wear well fitting masks that are medical grade surgical masks or higher.
  • We run HEPA air purifiers in each treatment room and throughout the clinic.
  • We sanitize treatment rooms and let them air out after each patient.
  • We sanitize frequently touched surfaces throughout the day.
  • Our clinic doors and windows open directly to the outdoors in the front and rear of the clinic and we regularly air out the clinic.
  • We have a bathroom in our lobby for hand washing and provide hand sanitizer throughout the clinic.

Thanks For Helping Take Care Of Our Community:

Thanks for helping us keep our clinic safe for vulnerable patients who are immune compromised or are simply having so many health issues that they don’t want to catch anything on top of all that.

This can be an isolating time for them and we’re grateful that so many have told us that they feel safe and can truly relax in our clinic because we know acupuncture is so helpful for them.  We appreciate all of you putting in the extra effort to stay home if you could be contagious to help keep our clinic healthy for both the vulnerable patients and staff so we can keep helping people!

FAQs: How Do I Know If I’m Contagious?

Normally you are still contagious with a cold, flu or respiratory virus:

  • For at least 5 days from the start of symptoms.
  • For at least 24 hours after a fever has ended without the use of fever reducing medications.
  • While you are still not feeling well.  This can feel subjective because we often have lingering symptoms, but most people can tell when they have really turned the corner from actively being sick, to lingering congestion or cough.

What if I had COVID or a CLOSE exposure?

  • If you had COVID you can return to the clinic if at least 5 days have passed, you’re feeling better, and you test negative.
  • If you had a CLOSE exposure to covid you can return if at least 5 days have passed since your last CLOSE exposure,  you do not have symptoms, and you test negative.
  • If you don’t want to test, you can return after 10 days have passed since your first symptoms or 10 days have passed since your last CLOSE exposure.

What if I have a symptom but I know I’m not sick?

  • We ask you to use your best judgement to decide if you are getting sick and should stay home or not.
  • Most people can tell the difference from their usual nagging out of balance symptoms and the start of a cold, flu, or respiratory virus.  We trust you to know your body and ask you to tune into that.
  • If you are unsure and suspect you might be getting sick, please reach out ASAP to reschedule.
  • When you arrive we ask you to confirm that you are not sick or contagious as a reminder that we don’t want you to come to the clinic if you are contagious.  We think this verbal check in is the best reminder because we know our world is busy and we all can get running on autopilot.
    • If you want to discuss anything about your symptoms with us,  it’s best to reach out ahead of time before you drive all the way here.
    • All that being said, we have had patients forget and show up knowing they are sick and realize they need to cancel after we ask them our screening question.  There’s no shame in being a sometimes forgetful human; it happens to all of us at times.

Telemedicine Appointments

If you are sick or have had CLOSE exposure to COVID we can support you with a telemedicine appointment.  Check out more details about our telemedicine appointments on our Services page and get in touch to schedule one.

Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions please reach out.  There’s no silly questions.  We are happy to help you navigate this with ease.

If you’re new here we’d like to reassure you that our reception area is spacious and most of the time patients check in quickly and head straight to their private room.  Many patients with serious health concerns tell us they feel safe in our clinic and are happy they can relax.  Please reach out with any questions you have so you can decide the best path forward for you.

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