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Harmonizing Summer Fire Activities – A Body Mind Experiment

How’s your summer going?  If it’s anything like mine, and so many people that we talk to, you’ve gotten back in the swing of some of your favorite summer activities.  I’ve been mountain biking and hiking, sometimes both in one … Continue reading

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Mind Experiment: What is Mine to Do

Happy New Year!Time is a man-made construct and not everything changes just because it is a new year, but I like new beginnings, so I embrace the new year greetings.  It’s a good reminder that every moment is an opportunity … Continue reading

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Blue Shield Changes Result in LESS Acupuncture Benefits

Blue Shield Coverage–Big Changes for Some in 2020If you might have anything to do with Blue Shield in the new year, please read this.  We hate fine print, but even more than that we hate insurance surprises, so I've tried … Continue reading

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