State Of Mind

What if I told you it could be easy and fun to reduce your stress and reconnect to your spark so you can be more resilient than you ever thought?  And that it doesn’t require any techniques because it comes from simply clearing up a misunderstanding about how thinking, emotions, and behavior work!

There is wisdom and logic built in to the way the human mind works. When you understand this wisdom and logic, you uncover the mind’s infinite possibility for insight, creativity, love, understanding, curiosity, contentment, peace of mind, and wellbeing.

The Problem is that there is a widespread misunderstanding about how the mind works.  This leads to a great deal of unnecessary stress, ineffectiveness, and personal struggle in work, relationships, health, and life.

State of mind affects every part of your well being.  Experts used to think that genes determine your health.  But it turns out that what you do with your body is the most important factor in human resiliency.  What you eat, the air you breath, the amount and kinds of movement you get, and your state of mind effect physiological processes that turn on and off the genes that degrade or repair your body.  The more research into modern and chronic disease, they more important state of mind is known to be for your entire body and mind’s well being.

I want to make sure you have all the best resiliency training to help you re-connect with your innate wellbeing.  During the acupuncture treatments we train your body, by resetting the nervous system, boosting circulation, and supporting your organ systems.  During the state of mind trainings, we train your mind and spirit—well really we train you how to stop using your mind incorrectly so you can drop stressful thinking and reconnect to your innate spark.

In my personal journey to vibrant health I struggled along the way with chronic stressful thinking that made me sick.  I was a really high functioning and achieving stressed out woman, so it even surprised me how much my health improved when I learned The Principles behind how thinking, moods, behavior, and resiliency work.  I truly believe that this simple understanding of the human operating system is the missing link in your journey to being your best you.

So how do you clear up the misunderstanding and tap into your innate mental wellbeing?  All it takes is a simple conversation.  In this conversation I’ll share with you a simple understanding that reminds you about the great pool of peace and creativity built into all human beings. This insight, as experienced, discovered, and taught by the late Sydney Banks, explains The Three Principles behind how our mental well-being and human resiliency work.  And we’ll explore how seeing this for yourself will remind you how to tap into the wisdom that allows you to effortlessly thrive in work, home, relationships, health and life, regardless of your current or future circumstances.  It’s like I’ll be showing you the owner’s manual to your mind.  Once you experience how it works, you’ll stop using it incorrectly.


Private Training: Goals from the Inside Out

Want to enjoy the journey while you strive to be the best you and get amazing things done in the world?  Let’s have a focused 90 minute conversation about the experience you want to have and how to have more of it!
Tuition: $200
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Personalized Mentoring

I currently have 2 openings a week for private 90 minute state of mind mentoring.
Tuition: $200 | Commit to a series of 3 trainings for $450
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Wisdom Workshops

I also offer Wisdom Workshops in which we explore state of mind in a small group setting.  I believe in the importance of this training so much that the first Resiliency 101 workshop is included with your first acupuncture treatment.  Learn more about that on our Wisdom Workshops page.


One of the greatest
misconceptions ever is the belief
“It takes years to find wisdom.”
Many Experience time, few
experience wisdom.
The achievement of mental
stability and peace
of mind is one thought away from
everyone on earth…if you
can find that one thought.

–Sydney Banks, The Missing Link, Reflections on Philosophy and Spirit