I have seen Christina multiple times for acupuncture and massage mostly for chronic neck and back pains but also nausea during pregnancy. Christina’s approach to patient care is fantastic. She is calm and methodical. She really spends time with you to discover your symptoms and ailments. She explains what she is doing and is willing to talk you through her process and thoughts about your treatment. Her needling is excellent! I can say this after seeing multiple acupuncturists that if you are at all concerned about how it’s going to feel or have fears about needles you should go to Christina. She has a wonderful technique that will dismiss any fears about needles.

Lindsay C, San Francisco

I’ve been to a lot of different acupuncturists over the years and Christina has an incredibly light touch. I could not recommend her highly enough!

Smart Monkey, Santa Rosa

Friendly, knowledgeable and an exceptional experience all around

Rose E

Christina is always able to relieve me of my aches, pains and anxiety.

Anne E, Santa Rosa

When I was going through some medical issues a few years back, some friends kept urging me to try acupuncture. Oh my gosh, I was so terrified of those needles being stuck into my body. So, I always let the suggestions go in one ear and out the other.

Then, one day my husband was talking to his seat mate on a flight back from Arizona, and she noticed that he kept rubbing his knee. She asked him about that and he told her about his achy knee. She suggested he try acupuncture. My husband who is skeptical about anything and everything said he wanted to try it. WHAT!! REALLY??

So, he looked online for acupuncture sites and came across Thrive Acupuncture. He emailed Christina and told her about his situation. She emailed back quickly and told him she could help with his knee pain. So he made an appointment to see her. After his treatment I asked him “how it went”. He could not stop saying how great it was and his knee was feeling good, then said, “Maybe you should try it for your back pain?” Me? With the needles? YIKES!

But after some thought (2 weeks) I thought and said to myself, if he can do it, why not? So I made an appointment and I AM SO GLAD I DID!!! Christina is the best. She answers your questions, makes sure your comfortable, and explains what she’s going to do. That was two years ago. My husband and I go together for our treatments and couldn’t be happier with her. I don’t even give those needles a second thought. I let her do her thing and go to my happy place. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. She knows her stuff. The office is very calming and relaxing. Her office assistant couldn’t be nicer. It’s always a pleasure to visit the office.

Thank you Christina for the great care you give your clients.

Priscilla S, Santa Rosa

Comprehensive, detailed and educational. Everything I wanted plus a warm, serene environment.

Belita A

Christina has helped me and my wife with everything from aches and pains, to stress, to “the plague” (aka – cold, flu, etc.), fertility, and more.

Erik L, Santa Rosa

Christina is extremely knowledgeable, caring and sweet. She explains the treatment and what to expect. The office is so inviting with tea and books you are able to check out. I have and will tell everyone I know of the benefits I receive from having acupuncture with Christina.

Maria R

Christina has worked wonders for my various issues, including allergies, and nerve pain. The offices are clean and comfortable and Christina and her front office staff have always been warm and welcoming. I highly recommend Thrive Acupuncture

Joyce U, Santa Rosa

I am so glad I found Thrive Acupuncture & Wellness. Christina is great at assessing your condition(s) and recommending a treatment plan. The office is very relaxing; I always look forward to my appointments and leave feeling better than when I walked in. Would highly recommend, whether for stress, headaches or whatever ails you.

Kathie K, Santa Rosa

An hour at Thrive and I feel like I’ve had a long restful vacation. Christina is professional and gentle. I have been getting Acupuncture for 45 years all over the world and Christina is defiantly in the top percent of great Acupuncturists.

Jenny Y

After only one treatment with Christina for the issues I came in with, I was feeling noticeably better! The office is comfortable and welcoming, so is Christie, the office manager. I was relieved to find out that my insurance actually helped with coverage, so check your benefits! I imagine that I’ll be visiting Thrive Acupuncture as much as I can, even after my acute issues are resolved. It’s a wonderful, healing place. I’d definitely recommend.

Nicole J

I have gone to Christina Ness a few times over the years for various injuries including a frozen shoulder. I have found her to be compassionate and professional and she clearly knows her medicine. I have had great success with treatment.

Patricia W

Lovely, effective experience. I recommend Christina Ness, LAC with confidence and without reservation!

Dr Sam R, DC, San Francisco

Christina is so thorough and organized in her practice. She does a comprehensive intake, listens well, then sets up the patient for success with attitude of confidence, positive expectations, in depth guidance for how the receiver can participate in her own recovery, and uses as many points as possible to remove blockages and spark energy flow.

I feel so relaxed and taken care of in the ambience of a very peaceful office and treatment room. Christie, her competent staff assistant readily helps whenever needed Highly recommend this practitioner.

Elizabeth K, Santa Rosa

Thrive Acupuncture is AMAZING!! They take the time to find out what’s going on and why I’m there. I had an old injury from years ago that was flaring up so I went to see them. Christina determined I needed 3-4 sessions and sure enough, all the pain was gone! Please go out of your way to see her and the people at Thrive. They are miracle workers! You will not be disappointed.

Johann S, Santa Rosa

Thrive Wellness and Acupuncture is a real treasure, and I’m so happy to have been referred to this office. Christina is the single most knowledgeable and effective acupuncturist I have ever been to and Jules is a compassionate and efficient operations whiz!

I moved from Southern California almost two years ago and have had acupuncture for over 4 years. Christina is the best on every level, and I highly recommend you go see her. You’ll be glad you did!

Sherri B

I’ve been going here for about a month now and I look forward to my visits every week. Now only does Christina make you feel relaxed, but her being really makes for a comfortable atmosphere. I always leave feeling calm, collected and centered.

In the last month she has really helped with my chronic shoulder/neck pain and tension headaches – would give her more stars if I could!

Aubrey LH, Santa Rosa

I had an earache for 2-months after scuba diving with a cold. I couldn’t get my ear to clear. I had tried several ear drops and homeopathic treatments to no avail. I was miserable. A
co-worker highly recommended Thrive Acupuncture and Wellness. His glowing recommendation gave me hope I could get the pressure and pain in my ear to go away. I was desperate, and called immediately.

Due to a cancellation, they were able to add me to the schedule straightaway. I experienced remarkable results after my first visit. I was so impressed with the outcome, I signed up for a package of 6 sessions to help me complete the recovery of my ear, and work on some other issues.

After having completed my package plus additional sessions, I can highly recommend Christina and Thrive Acupuncture and Wellness. Please, if you have any outstanding health issues, call Christina. I promise you it will be worth it.

Marlene C, Santa Rosa

Christina is an extraordinary person and acupuncturist. I have been seeing her for 4 years and have received the best care and amazing results. I leave her sessions feeling relaxed, calm and balanced. I recommend her to everyone!

Kathryn T, Santa Rosa

Christina is an expert in her field and beyond. She is a key factor in my health maintenance and well being…I feel better than I’ve ever felt since going to Christina for acupuncture the past 4 years. She an incredible resource in many additional areas such as nutrition, being well and living a resilient life as we navigate through life’s challenges. Can’t say enough good things about her.

Kim S

I’ve had such a wonderful experience at Thrive. Christina’s treatments have helped me a lot with stress and anxiety. I always feel centered and present after leaving her office and it has been a wonderful addition to my wellness maintenance plan.

Eric S, Santa Rosa

All the wonderful things the previous Yelpers have already said about Christina Ness-Hawks are true. She is professional, and still warm and caring. She cares for me as an entire, whole person. I am more than just my illness. Her attentive approach has minimized my chronic pain, and nearly cured all of the maladies that are associated with my condition. She goes above and beyond by providing resources & recommendations for optimum results so that I can heal. I started out seeing Christina 3x a week for several weeks. I am now seeing her 2x a week. I will keep going for as long as she is practicing! She is saving the quality of my life!

Jo N, Sonoma County

I went to visit Christina after experiencing extreme pain in my neck to my shoulder blade . Christina was very quick to see me and made my experience very easy! Her office is warm, inviting, and calm. The whole experience was new to me and I was a little nervous. My concerns were addressed and I was ready to get my treatment.

I was expecting a painful experience? Not at all!! Far from that, after she placed the needles I fell asleep!. She checked on me to make sure I was comfortable about ten minutes after we started, and I was instantly asleep. Most importantly, I felt ease in the area where my pain was centered. The next day and weeks to follow, I was pain free. I highly recommend Thrive Acupuncture and Christina Ness If you have muscular pain. Take the advice! You’ll feel better I promise . Thank you Christina!

Michael C, Santa Rosa

Christine is a miracle worker. She is wonderful highly thorough, and very attentive. My poor body wouldn’t know what to do without her. I had knee problems and she worked with me to get me back in the game. She is caring and a great listener. My knee has not felt this good in a long long time. She has taught me a lot. My wife, Priscilla and I are very thankful for finding her. I would recommend her to anyone needing or wanting to try acupuncture. Wish I could give more stars.

Billy S, Santa Rosa

I have been seeing Christina on a regular basis for a couple of years now. She helped me resolve chronic foot pain and over time has helped address sleep issues, healing after dental surgery and other health and well being. The office is pristine and radiates a peaceful and tranquil setting. Office manager, Jules, keeps things running smoothly and can flawlessly resolve any questions or issues. I’ve referred others to Christina and have only heard positive feedback

Kate M

Hi, I have been a patient at Thrive Acupuncture for over a year. My treatments with Christina Ness Hawks have been very successful in helping with my anxiety, poor circulation, bruising and chronic knee pain. Christina is very knowledgeable, kind and sensitive to my needs. Thrive Acupuncture is welcoming bright, clean and cheerful environment. The office manager is a Gem. I’m beginning to feel so much better – more like my old self.

Tamara F, Santa Rosa

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Thrive! From the relaxing atmosphere to the personalized healthcare, it’s everything I could ever want. I’ve experienced a 50% decrease in chronic migraines since receiving acupuncture treatments from Christina and now my recent hot flashes have almost disappeared completely thanks to the herbal remedy she developed for me. The customer service is outstanding and their website is beyond easy to use. I highly recommend Thrive Acupuncture and Wellness!!!

Jennifer P, Santa Rosa

I would strongly recommend Christina at Thrive Acupuncture. My husband had a injured shoulder and chose to go to Christina. His shoulder became stronger and, after treatments, it was no longer injured.

I had a difficult foot problem that stemmed, I think, from having 2 bolts in it. . Since my husband had been helped, I decided to give acupuncture a try. She started me with multiple treatments in a week for several weeks. My foot got much better.

Since it is a chronic problem, due to the bolts still being in my foot, I now, get treatment monthly or biweekly. I describe any issues I have at the beginning of the appointment and she modifies the acupuncture accordingly. I feel loose and relaxed after the treatment and can feel a difference in the following days or weeks.

I would suggest you try Thrive Acupuncture in Santa Rosa.

Barb L, Forestville

I went to Christina for help with the side effects of radiation treatments. This place is a game changer. I have seen other acupuncturists, but Christina’s healing sessions are far superior to any other I have experienced. She is extremely skilled in assessment, knowledgeable about how to treat and switch out treatments to accommodate my needs, and versed in a number of treatment modalities such as diet, herbs and herbal medications. She is also one of the happiest and gentlest of souls I have ever met. Even if you are new to acupuncture, you will be pleasantly surprised on how wonderful these treatments are. Also, Jules (office manager) is extremely efficient and accurate and has a special gift for setting up the atmosphere with the needs of each patient in mind. I recommend this practice unreservedly.

Marsha C

I highly recommend Thrive Acupuncture and Wellness. Christina is a thoughtful and skilled acupuncturist. I came to her with a multitude of injuries related to a trip-fall work injury, Thankfully, she accepted my workers comp insurance. Her clinic runs smoothly and offers a welcoming setting, allowing relaxation to take place. I appreciate that they still follow COVID masking precautions as well. During the treatment sessions, Christina is thorough and readily adapts her treatments for optimum results. Thanks to her skilled care, I have made significant progress and will be forever grateful.

Catherine H

Very professional, I have learned so much about healing and how to support my body in that process. Christina is calm, a great listener, and helps guide you to what you need. Comfortable office, warm support staff, safe healing environment. I have been seeing her for over 2 years for heel spurs, knee issues, shoulder issues, and general health. Highly recommend her practice.

Karen M, Santa Rosa

I have been recommending acupuncture to my patients for many years as a healthcare provider, as a conservative way to treat pain. I finally tried it out on my own for the first time with Jasmin and the results have been A+! Great office staff w Jules, clean and calm office, never an issue w parking. If you’re reading this and are on the fence please reach out to them, you will not be disappointed! Thank you Jasmin!

Chris D, Santa Rosa

I love Christina! Not only are her treatments awesome but she creates a truly uplifting experience with each visit. She checks in attentively, listens well and asks questions that quickly get right to the heart of the issue. Her communication style is direct yet super friendly which is a perfect combination of “lets-get-this-job-done” and “lets-enjoy-getting-the-job-done.” And her office is so peaceful and relaxing I look forward to every visit, those mid-day naps laying on the table are amazing!

Douglass T, Santa Rosa

Since I have started seeing Christina and receiving acupuncture my health has greatly improved. I was chronically getting colds and coughs and had tried everything except acupuncture. Christina gave me hope that I could build my immune system back. Thanks to Christina, I now know what to do to protect my immunity and what I need to continue to do to stay on my feet and healthy. No matter what your health condition you can find hope with Christina.

10 things I love about Thrive Acupuncture and Wellness!
1. There is complete attention to detail and complete professionalism in the office
2. The office and treatment rooms are relaxing
3. Easy location to find and get to
4. They follow up and make sure to give you lots of info
5. They host wisdom workshops to help make your life more enjoyable
6. The herbs that I take work!!!! I used to buy bottles of medicine and supplements that didn’t help to keep me healthy and well. Christina prescribed me the right things to take and took the guess work out of it
7. They work with your budget and are affordable
8. Christie, the office manager is so amazing and takes care of everything behind the scenes
9. You can expect to see results sooner, rather than later
10. I would recommend Christina and Thrive to anyone!!!!

Thank you, Christina for making my life more enjoyable!

Arden M, Santa Rosa

I have been recommending acupuncture to my patients for many years as a healthcare provider, as a conservative way to treat pain. I finally tried it out on my own for the first time with Jasmin and the results have been A+! Great office staff w Jules, clean and calm office, never an issue w parking. If you’re reading this and are on the fence please reach out to them, you will not be disappointed! Thank you Jasmin!

Chris D, Santa Rosa

I was a skeptic walking into Christina’s office, and came out a believer. I was frustrated with Western pain relief, and not getting any relief in my shoulder. A friend suggested acupuncture.

Thrive Acupuncture and Christina Ness made me feel at ease. A professional but relaxing environment, with a great cup of tea. A clinical zen garden.

After a couple of sessions my pain is gone. No pills. No surgeries. The numbness in my fingers is gone.

If you are a beginner to this world, Christina is the way to go. If you are a seasoned acupuncture receiver, you will appreciate her knowledge and application.

Stephanie C, Santa Rosa

I want to thank you for all the wonderful acupuncture work you’ve done on me. You definitely have a special touch and are gifted at what you do!

Abigail L., Petaluma

I called Christina after checking out lots of places online. Even though it was her day off, she called me back right away and spent a long time answering all my questions and discussing her approach to wellness. I have been going to her for almost a year, and I am so glad that I ended up with her on my team! She is very friendly and welcoming, and her approach is gentle and nonjudgmental. Plus, I really like her on a personal level! She’s just a pretty amazing person, as well.

Duran B, Santa Rosa

After sustaining a sports injury to my knee, I needed healing and pain management.  The treatment that Christina provided was very effective, and I felt heard, supported, and comforted.  I trusted Christina’s plan as she was knowledgable, empathetic and easy going.  Christina appears to be someone who has found her life’s work and is excited to share this form of healing with others.  I couldn’t be happier with my experience.

Jenn K., Sacramento

I highly recommend Christina at Thrive Acupuncture in Santa Rosa. Her space is relaxing, she’s a pleasure to be around, and she’s excellent at treating whatever complaints you may have. She listens and is thorough and gentle. I went to see her for muscle tension and aches, and her treatment was quicker and longer-lasting than massage. And this is from someone who was skeptical of acupuncture! Not any longer!

Chelsea H, Santa Rosa

I started to seeing Christina when we were going through fertility issues and I had heard acupuncture could be helpful. I absolutely love Christina’s office. Her staff is always organized and friendly and I always feel very taken care. Christina is a gifted acupuncturist. She takes the time to see what needs attention each visit and I continue to be amazed at how I feel after each time I see her. I am always more relaxed and feel better. I have suffered from headaches, allergies, various sicknesses, and fertility issues and she has helped me with all of them! If you are considering seeing an acupuncturist you should see Christina Ness. You will love her.

Felice T, Windsor

Thrive is an accurate name for Christina’s practice. I am recovering from chemotherapy and when I came in office for the first time, I was in pretty poor shape. With her care, I am feeling quite well and it has only been 2 months! I can tell I am on my way to thriving. I have come to trust her diagnosis which is amazingly accurate and her treatment. I am so glad I found her and I recommend her highly.

Jonathan F, Santa Rosa

I am recovering from my second knee replacement with lots of time on my hands so I am forwarding you information on my new favorite healer.

Last summer I quickly I developed a rapport with Christina Ness. When I had my first knee replacement last fall she came to the house on three occasions to give me relief from a drug reaction: hives. It worked. She was here today to relieve pain and swelling on my present cantaloupe of a knee.

If you are interested in a very knowledgable, competent, bright, compassionate acupuncturist, you might want to try Christina!

Carol L., Petaluma

Christina was referred to me by a friend for massage and tui na when I had an acute pain in my low back. Christina was willing to fit me on very short notice and her treatment made all the difference. She listened really closely to me when I explained my body’s particular sensitivities, injuries and needs – and kept checking in with me throughout the treatment to make sure I was comfortable. Tui Na is SO cool. It’s not like any technique I have ever experienced. It brought me joy! I will also add that Christina’s professionalism is extraordinary and I have felt very cared for during all my treatments with her since. She is kind and knowledgable and knows how to put you at ease. I recommend her highly and look forward to getting acupuncture treatments from her as well soon!

Lucey M., San Francisco

Christina listened with an open heart. She took time & care to help me set intentions, guiding me to balance & well being. Her skill as an acupuncturist is excellent in her approach, skill & knowledge.I am grateful that she has come to be my doctor of chinese medicine & will be happy to recommend her to All.

Debora F., Sebastopol

There are so many good things to say about Christina. I have worked with several people in the medical world for the past 4 years dealing with stomach/digestive problems. I’ve never met someone so caring and helpful. My first visit she listened and gave me hope. I am still going to her months later and have had amazing results. She still pays just as much attention to my concerns and is always so willing and helpful to point you in the right direction. I’ve emailed her a couple times and she will email right back with an answer. She takes her job to a whole other level with her caring nature and amazing treatment. I would highly recommend Christina if you want the best care.

Kim M, Mill Valley