Stress Reduction & Emotional Resiliency

Acupuncture and herbal medicine is highly effective in treating emotional disharmonies such as:

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • nervous tension
  • depression
  • seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
  • mania
  • insomnia
  • low energy
  • grief
  • indecision
  • ruminating

In addition to the above conditions, stress can aggravate or cause disharmonies that result in illness or diseases that don’t seem to have a cause such as skin problems, digestive upset, or a compromised immune system without an obvious cause. Stress affects the balance between the sympathetic branch of our nervous system, which is responsible for keeping us ready for action, and the parasympathetic branch which is responsible for keeping us relaxed and calm. There is no single place in the body that the nervous system does not have access. Chinese Medicine works by diagnosing the ways the nervous system has adapted to stress and how it has been set off course. Eight principle and channel based Balance Method acupuncture help you regain a sense of balance and uncover your innate sense of well-being.

For stubborn emotional disharmonies, a course of eight extraordinary meridian acupuncture may be used. Christina has studied and interned with a master teacher of 8 extra meridian acupuncture. According to the theory of eight extra meridians, acupuncture is used to release emotional blockages to help people find long lasting emotional balance in areas that they seem to get stuck. According to this system of acupuncture, points mostly on the back of the body or abdomen are used to access the eight extraordinary meridians which lie deep in the body and store unresolved issues and untruths based on past experiences and thought patterns.

Using Chinese Medicine for the benefit of mind and mood is often a new approach for patients. It works by taking the responsibility of the intellect off-duty and balancing emotions from a purely physiological perspective. It works exceptionally well by reminding you of your innate ability to feel good and have an elevated state of mind. This inner sense of wellbeing is often described by patients as feeling grounded, open, free, or in the flow.

In addition, day-to-day practices of self-care are encouraged to support learning, balance, and transformation. Patients find that by balancing their stress and emotions with acupuncture they feel instantly more relaxed and grounded. When one is operating from a place of good feelings and an elevated state of mind, they able to make long term changes that bring out their best sense of self.