Reverse Engineering a Good Feeling

Mind Experiment: Reverse Engineering Your Good Life
I’ve been quietly researching what humans really want.  I’m honored that every day, as an acupuncturist, people let me into their world and share their true desires for wellbeing.  It turns out we all want the same thing—a good feeling.  Yup.  We’re all seeking ease, aliveness, relaxation, motivation, connection, love, and understanding as we go about our daily activities and small (and big) accomplishments. 

The problem most people face is that they work really hard to get situations to line up to bring them a good feeling.  If they can just get enough things checked off their to do list, do some work that is aligned with their purpose every day, set up their schedule so they have some down time, and surround themselves with good people–then they can feel good.  But the results vary.  It turns out you’re not guaranteed a good feeling if you line up your circumstances just right.

What if I told you that you could reverse engineer your good feelings?  Yup, your feelings come from the inside of you, not from your surroundings.  Your desk at your office does not have stress germs.  Nor does that one family member, you know the one I am talking about.  Not even your laundry or bills.  So what if you started from the good feeling inside of you, and then let your wisdom guide you as to what you should be doing moment by moment?

Mind Experiment:  Over the next week give yourself permission to dismiss the thinking that doesn’t bring a good feeling.  Humans have over 60,000 thoughts a day.  And thank goodness we have free will so we can pick which thoughts we want to spend more time with.  If some thoughts come along that bring a good feeling, invite them in for tea, or a cocktail—depending on the time of day of course.  If some thoughts come along that don’t bring a good feeling, send them packing.  Tell them the neighbors are having a party and they got the wrong address. 

How will you know you are having thoughts that bring a good feeling?  You’ll feel it in your body from the neck down as a sense of ease, warmth, sparkle, or connection.  It might sound crazy to give yourself permission to drop the thoughts that don’t feel good.  But I invite you to try it out.  Based on my own mind experiments, I’m willing to bet that you’ll get more of those situations lined up you were planning on, with less effort.  What’s the best that could happen?  You’ll be enjoying life and accomplishing a lot.  What’s the worst that could happen?  You’ll be enjoying life and accomplishing less.

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Heart of Resiliency: Transcending Trauma–Less PTSD, More Peace!
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Something wonderful and shocking happened in Santa Rosa during the fires. Our community came together to support, nurture and love the people around us. Why was that so innate for us? Because resiliency and wellbeing is our true nature. I am committed to helping us maintain our connection to wellbeing as we recover and move forward and so I designed this uplifting workshop to explore how we can be more resilient and support those around us recovering from the fire trauma.
Friday Feb 16th 2-5 PM
$97 early bird price until Feb 11th, $122 after, discounts if you bring a friend of buy a package.
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