Quiet Mind – an Experiment

The super-power of a quiet mind, why and how to get more of itI call myself a recovering intellectual.  Because I used to think that I had to figure it all out.  I was pretty good at.  I mean I have loads of ideas about how to figure out all sorts of things and I can create mad to do lists and spreadsheets. 
And then I realized the power of insight.  Those times when you just know something without having to figure it out or prove it.  Fresh thinking shows up and you wonder why you hadn’t thought of that before.  It often comes with a calming feeling in your body.  Even if it’s not the answer you were hoping for, insight brings clarity.  From clarity, you can move forward with less overwhelm. 
When does insight happen?  When you’ve dropped all the ideas you’ve already had to solve your problem, fresh thinking comes in.  Brain scientists have actually proven that right before an insight, our mind goes totally blank for a split second.  It’s like you don't do the thinking, but the thinking comes to you.  That’s why people talk about having great ideas in the shower.  There’s nothing so amazing about the shower, but there is something powerful about a quiet mind. 
Mind Experiment:  Over the next week make room for some quiet time in your mind.  Start with something totally doable.  3 Minutes a day.  It can be as simple as turning off the radio in your car.  Or stepping outside when you drink your tea or coffee in the morning–it’s not supposed to rain for the next week so bundle up and get out there while we can!  Or put your cellphone down when you’re in line, eating lunch, or in the bathroom (yes research shows that lots of people use their cellphone in the bathroom.)  It might sound kind of loud in your head at first, so remember we’re just experimenting at making room for quiet time in our mind, not aiming for perfection.  You'll know an insight showed up if you get a relaxed feeling in your body, you start to have ideas you haven't had before, or you just start getting more done with less effort.  Now that sounds worth an experiment, doesn't it?

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Happy Exploring!
Christina Ness-Hawks, LAc

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