Notice of Price Increase Effective June 1, 2023

We are grateful and honored to share the journey of health and healing with you.  And can you believe it’s been 5 years since Thrive raised its prices?Because the cost of everything has increased, we need to raise our prices in order to continue to provide you the best care possible.

Starting June 1, 2023:

Our Time of Service (non-insurance) rates are:

  • Initial Visit: $160
  • Follow Up Treatments: $105 Per Treatment


  • Prepayment Plans:
    • $525 for 6 Treatments (Pay for 5 and get one free)
    • $945 for 11 Treatments (Pay for 9 and get 2 free)

Out of Network insurance

  • Copays will increase by $5. 

Current prices will remain in effect until May 31 and packages never expire.  If you want to buy a package before June 1 to save some money, simply let us know next time you are in or reach out by email or phone and we’ll be glad to help you.

Thank you for being the best patients around!

Upcoming Schedule Changes

  •  May 22-26, Mon-Fri:  Christina will be on her rescheduled mountain biking vacation.

Take a look now to see if you want an appointment before or after those dates, because those times get busy.  You can book through our online scheduler or get in touch.

Make sure to stock up on herbs so you have everything you need.

What We’re Treating in the Clinic–Allergies
It feels like there is a collective smile in Sonoma County that we finally have sun and warmth.  But along with that comes pollen that’s not getting washed away by rain.  And along with pollen comes spring allergies.  Yup they are later this year but there are here full force.

Acupuncture is great at relieving allergy symptoms like itchy eyes and ears, stuffy nose, scratchy throat, lost voice, post nasal drip, sinus pressure, and brain fog that come from allergies.  So many patients have told us over the past week that they felt better when they got up off the table and they could think better.

In addition to acupuncture we have great herbs that keep the relief lasting in between the acupuncture treatments.  Some patients get great results with the various pills we recommend for preventing and treating viruses.  Others do better on a custom formula.

And we also recommend Xlear nasal spray.  We carry it in the clinic but you can pick it up just about anywhere they have a pharmacy section.  Two sprays in the nostrils, wait a bit, then blow your nose.  It cleans things out, soothes the membranes, and helps make your nose a better first line of defense against pollens.

If you want help with your allergies and you are an existing patient, you can book through our online scheduler or get in touch.  If you’re a new patient please reach out by phone or email.  We have so much info to gather and share to make sure your first appointment is enjoyable.


It is possible to create more of what you want in the world effortlessly with grace and inspiration, even now.  By effortless I don’t mean lack of action.  I mean less of the niggling noise in our head that makes things feel difficult and instead more clarity, peace of mind, and joy.  Along with these good feelings comes more health and vibrancy in our physical body, because your state of mind is the epicenter of your wellbeing.

The secret to doing more of want you want with less efforting has to do with understanding your thinking and your connection to your innate wellbeing.  If you want to explore how to understand your thinking in a way which allows for more ease and resiliency please come join us on Tuesdays. 

Weekly Virtual Zoom Conversation
When: Tuesdays 4pm – 5pm PST
Hosts: Julie Gleeson, Founder of The Art of Living Inc, and
Christina Ness-Hawks, LAc from Thrive Acupuncture and Wellness Corp.
For more info and the link to register: click this link to our event page 
Please reach out with any questions.

We’re so confident in how helpful this conversation is that the first month is FREE, so you can come check it out without any pressure.

Immune Support

“I just have to tell you that your magic herbs are the real deal!  I started to get sick, and remembered I had squirreled away herbs to take if and when that ever started to happen.  I rarely get sick, so it had been awhile.  So I went to the box, got them out, took them as recommended and WOW, the next day I was no longer ill!  I have no idea what’s in those but they really worked for me.  Thanks for the recommendation that I should always have them available –  and for knowing about them.  You are the best!”

Check out our updated recommendations we’ve been sharing for the past 2+ years called “The Golden Window For Treating Viruses” and let us know if you want help creating a plan that will work for you:

Stock up now so you can be prepared with herbs and supplements in case you or those around you get sick.  As the quote above shows, if you treat viruses preventatively or as soon as you feel symptoms, it’s surprisingly effective for preventing a virus from taking hold or reducing symptoms and duration.

“Whatever herbal magic you gave me it F-ing worked and turned my Covid around super quickly.  I’m barely coughing and congested right now.  And tested negative after it being dark purple+ two days ago.”

To Health And Abundance For Us All!
Christina and Team Thrive

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