The Golden Window for Treating Viruses


“I just have to tell you that your magic herbs are the real deal!  I started to get sick, and remembered I had squirreled away herbs to take if and when that ever started to happen.  I rarely get sick, so it had been awhile.  So I went to the box, got them out, took them as recommended and WOW, the next day I was no longer ill!  I have no idea what’s in those but they really worked for me.  Thanks for the recommendation that I should always have them available –  and for knowing about them.  You are the best!”


One of the secrets to not getting sick is stopping viruses in their tracks by preventing them or treating them as soon as you feel symptoms. If you do this right away, it’s surprisingly effective for preventing a virus from taking hold or reducing the symptoms and duration. I call this the Golden Window for treating viruses.

Below is the link to the handout I have created which outlines herbs, supplements, dosages, and other self care for preventing and treating viruses.

Updated in September 2023!  I’ve updated the handout with a few things that I’ve learned since the last time I published it.  I’m in touch with colleagues all over the world and we’re all sharing what’s working for our patients.  The main changes include clarifications and simplifications on dosages, a throat spray that’s been shown to treat the current variants, and a few additional supplements that treat specific symptoms.

Click the link below and print out this handout to have on hand for you and your family when you need it:

The Golden Window Handout


Stock up now so you have everything on hand for health and peace of mind:


Available at Thrive Acupuncture and Wellness:

  • Chinese Herbs: The cornerstone of both virus prevention & treatment. There are several options: pills, powders, different strengths, and price points. Talk with Christina to get the Chinese Herbs right for you to have on hand in case you are feeling run down, have been exposed, or start to feel sick.
  • Xlear Nasal Spray
  • Propolis Throat Spray
  • Probiotics

Available at our online dispensary Fullscript:

  • All Other Supplements: look for the “View Protocols” on the dashboard after you login and click on the link that says “Golden Window For Treating Viruses”.  In there you will see all the supplements in the protocol.  You can choose which ones you want and what dosages and add them to your cart.  I try and keep it up to date with what’s in stock but that is a fluid situation.  If something is out of stock, you can look under “Shop Products”and you will see my favorites listed first–most likely I have favorited an alternative brand.  Let me know if something is out of stock and you need some help.
  • When you spend $50 at Fullscript you get free shipping.   You can order things in addition to my recommendations, you just have to poke around on the site and you can see my favorites as well as all the products you can order.  It’s all really high quality and it’s where I have gotten my supplements for years–it just took a pandemic for me to get the dispensary set up for my patients.

Let us know if you want help creating a plan that will work for you.


If you think you missed the Golden Window and the virus starts to take hold, get in touch ASAP so we can get you a customized herbal prescription that is stronger and tailored to your body and your symptoms.

And don’t forget to spend some time picturing your immune system working well and your body recovering with ease.  There’s so much scary information and press out there, you need to give some airtime to thoughts about how resilient your body is.  When we think about lemons we salivate so we know we can influence our physiology.  Remember that most people recover safely at home and use the power of your thoughts to your advantage.


“Whatever herbal magic you gave me it F-ing worked and turned my Covid around super quickly.  I’m barely coughing and congested right now.  And tested negative after it being dark purple+ two days ago.”