Welcoming Acupuncturist Jasmin Jones to Thrive!

Please join us in welcoming acupuncturist Jasmin Jones to the Thrive family!
She’s recently moved to Sonoma County after practicing Acupuncture in Alaska, Nepal, and Europe on cruise ships. She’s full of compassion, humor, and mad acupuncture skills! She’ll be shadowing next week making sure she slides into the culture of Thrive with ease. And she has appointments available starting June 27.


If you want to learn more about her, check out her bio here.

And you can see her availability on our online booking system here.

The good news for you is that Jasmin and I will be collaborating so you can make an appointment with either one of us.  That means:

  • You can get in faster for urgent matters: Threw your back out? Just found out you have shingles? Woke up with vertigo? Got in a car accident?  Finally hit the wall with stress?  No problem.  Get in here and get feeling better ASAP!
  • Overall increased availability on our schedule: Find an appointment that fits in your busy schedule because we have more appointments available.  Don’t let your treatment plan get disrupted because your acupuncturist has gone on vacation (yes, we do that????).  
  • New Patients can start treatment faster:  It’s frustrating (on both sides) when someone has finally decided they are ready for acupuncture but we don’t have a new patient appointment for several weeks.  We’ve been limiting the amount of new patient appointments per week because our schedule was so full that if we saw too many new patients, no one would be able to get the appointments they want.  We are just as excited as you are when you are ready to try acupuncture and we’re thrilled you won’t have to wait.
  • You can get a second set of eyes on your case:  Until now if you wanted to get another set of acupuncture eyes on your case you would need to schedule a new patient appointment at another office, which takes more time and costs more money.  Now any time you want, you can book a follow up appointment with either of us if you want to get someone else’s opinion or try acupuncture from someone else.
  • We might suggest you see the other acupuncturist if we feel you should be getting better results:  Thrive has always been focused on you getting better and getting back into your life, but sometimes someone doesn’t respond as quickly to Acupuncture care as expected.  If we think it will be beneficial for you to get another perspective in your treatment to see if that will speed things along for you, we will recommend it.  Thank goodness we all have different perspectives–that’s what makes the symphony that is life.

We’re excited to offer more options for patients.  And if you’ve been around Thrive, you know that we mean it when we say “It’s your body and you get to do whatever you feel is best for you” so you will always get to make your appointments with whomever you want.

Christina has always had a vision of a community of acupuncturists, as well as a community of patients, and she’s excited to see this vision coming to life.  Among her various careers she’s always enjoyed working in teams with colleagues.  She even worked with a team of acupuncturists when she was first out of school. It just makes sense to her for us to share resources and collaborate.  Most acupuncturists are working by themselves in their own practice and it can be difficult to find colleagues to reach out to when you’d like a different perspective or input on a difficult case.  And even if you have someone to reach out to, if you don’t have a shared language it might take more time than it’s worth or not help.  “I’m excited for Jasmin and I to collaborate, discuss difficult cases, inspire each other, and raise each other up!”

Thrive is 10 Years Old!In March of this year Thrive quietly turned 10 years old.  In true Christina fashion, she wasn’t in the mood to celebrate so she decided she would do it later.  After all, every day is a possibility for celebration.  Every moment can be appreciated.  And if you’re not in the mood for celebrating, just wait until you are. ????

Christina started this “celebrate when you feel like it” practice at young age.  Her birthday is January 2nd and she could build a very strong case as to why that is the worst day for a birthday–I don’t even feel like celebrating on January 2!  And while her family always celebrated her birthing on the actual day (her mom’s birthday is December 27 and she knows the drill), Christina would have her birthday party for friends whenever she felt like it.

  • Wanna have a New Year’s Eve party?  Done–it’s also my birthday party.  Wanna have a beach party but you live in Connecticut?  Done–my birthday party will be in August this year.
  • Wanna have a Top Gun birthday party?  Order the DVR and schedule the birthday after its release date.  (Yes, I’m talking about the original version.)

As parents were dropping off their kids they would ask me “When was your actual birthday?”  When I replied “January 2”, and it was August, I could see a look flash across their face–why are we bringing our kid to a party today?  But this did not phase me. I was ready to celebrate.

If I want to convince you why it’s ok that we’re celebrating now, I could tell you that Thrive became a corporation in June so our incorporation birthday is this month.  But that’s not the reason I delayed celebrating.  I was simply happy to be enjoying our new office and being of service while treating lots of patients.  And I was running a hiring process for an acupuncturist to join our team.  And we were still getting the new office settled (does that ever stop?)  I was content being immersed in all that.  I knew at some point I’ll be in the mood to celebrate.  And now I am.????

The main thing I was to celebrate is all of you that have trusted me to give you acupuncture.  I know trying acupuncture for the first time, or going to a new acupuncturist, takes more than going to a new restaurant.  It takes trust and a bit of faith, and I’m grateful that you’d offer me those.

I am still amazed with this medicine and the results I see daily.  It’s so cool when a patient tells me their pain is reduced after a put a few points in.  I love the look of relief on your face when you get up from the table and your digestion feels better.  I smile when you are leaving and I can see how your spirit looks different, calmer but brighter, than when you walked in.  And I still get excited when you share your improvements with me, especially when you have reached a new level of trusting your body’s own healing system and you tell me that you knew what to do to help yourself when something got out of balance.

Thanks for trusting me and allowing me into your lives so I can enjoy the everyday miracles with you.  ????

What We’re Treating in the Clinic–AllergiesThis year seasonal allergy symptoms started late and are still going.  In fact about 2 weeks ago seemed to be the worst.  The best time to treat allergies with acupuncture, herbs, diet, and lifestyle modifications is before allergy season hits full strength, but most people come for treatment when their symptoms are bothering them.  We can still provide symptom relief and get you feeling better fast, and then make a plan for you to come in for prevention next year.

Acupuncture and herbs are great at reducing allergy symptoms (runny nose, itchy watery eyes, scratchy throat, foggy head) and helping you reduce your medications.  There’s also lots of truly effective self care that you can do.  We have all sorts of tools in our tool-belt to share with you.  And we love helping people get their respiratory system back in balance and get their life back!

Established patients can make an appointment at our online booking site.

New patients need to call or email us to set up their first appointment because there is just too much information we need to share with you.

Upcoming Events

It is possible to create more of want you want in the world effortlessly, even now.  By effortless I don’t mean lack of action, I mean less of the niggling noise in our head that makes things feel difficult.  Growing more peaceful does not mean you will sit on the couch eating bon bons all the time.  I don’t know anyone that’s in balance that wants to sit on the couch 24/7; balanced humans want to contribute to the world.  The secret to doing more of want you want with less efforting has to do with understanding your thinking and your connection to spirit.  If you want to explore how to understand your thinking in a way which allows for more ease and resiliency as we navigate a world that is both coming apart and coming back together, please come join us on Tuesdays.
Weekly Virtual Zoom Conversation
Tuesdays 4pm – 5pm PST every week
Hosts: Julie Gleeson, Founder of The Art of Living Inc, and
Christina Ness-Hawks, LAc from Thrive Acupuncture and Wellness Corp.
 Click this link to our event page for more info and the link to register.
We’re so confident in how helpful this conversation is that the first month is FREE, so you can come check it out without any pressure.  Click this link to our event page for all the information about the community and the link to register.


Celebrating Every Day Miracles! ????
Christina Ness-Hawks, LAc

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