Masks Still Required at Thrive

We want to remind you that while the universal indoor mask requirements expired in California, masks are still required in Healthcare Settings.

For those that haven’t been reading the details of the guidelines, universal indoor masking is still required in the following locations:

  • Healthcare Settings
  • Public Transportation
  • Congregate facilities
  • K-12 schools and childcare
  • City of Santa Rosa city facilities
  • Businesses and venues that choose to require masks for patrons

Yes we too desire to get back to being able to seeing your smiling faces, but it’s not time yet at Thrive.  We continue to be cautious in our clinic because we treat patients who are immune compromised, undergoing chemotherapy, and otherwise at risk for worse symptoms from C-19. Acupuncture is really helpful for those patients, so we want to be able to welcome them to our office. We also want to stay healthy ourselves so we can keep helping as many people as possible.

Thanks to everyone who has been cancelling their appointment if they feel sick or have been exposed to Covid-19.  Because of your extra efforts, we made it through the first part of the new year with ease and were able to keep helping lots of patients!

Of course if you have any questions about wearing masks or if you should come to your appointment, reach out.  Call us.  Send us an email.  We’re all in this together.

Upcoming Events

It is possible to create more of want you want in the world effortlessly, even now.  By effortless I don’t mean lack of action, I mean less of the niggling noise in our head that makes things feel difficult.  Growing more peaceful does not mean you will sit on the couch eating bon bons all the time.  I don’t know anyone that’s in balance that wants to sit on the couch 24/7; balanced humans want to contribute to the world.  The secret to doing more of want you want with less efforting has to do with understanding your thinking and your connection to spirit.  If you want to explore how to understand your thinking in a way which allows for more ease and resiliency as we navigate a world that is both coming apart and coming back together, please come join us on Tuesdays.
Weekly Virtual Zoom Conversation
Tuesdays 4pm – 5pm PST every week
Hosts: Julie Gleeson, Founder of The Art of Living Inc, and
Christina Ness-Hawks, LAc from Thrive Acupuncture and Wellness Corp.
 Click this link to our event page for more info and the link to register.
We’re so confident in how helpful this conversation is that the first month is FREE, so you can come check it out without any pressure.  Click this link to our event page for all the information about the community and the link to register.


Stock Up Now On Supplies For Health and Peace of MindDid you know there are herbs and supplements you can take that help you recover from viruses and there is lots of good information about what is helpful to recover from C-19? Given the current transmissibility and level of community spread of C-19, it’s a good idea to stock up now to have things on hand for you and your family to support your recovery if you get sick.  We’re told to stay home and recover and there are things you can do for yourself to aid your recovery.

While I am glad that the current variant has less severe symptoms for most people, I still recommend treating it aggressively because it can go sideways unexpectedly and it’s better to be ahead of it.  Additionally we just don’t know how common Long Covid is with this variant.  Data for the previous variants was showing about 30% of people who got covid, even if the initial symptoms mild, developed long haul symptoms.  There’s good data that shows that supporting the body in recovering from C-19 with herbs and supplements greatly reduces the chances for Long Covid.

All the information about what I recommend to have on hand to prevent and treat viruses is here: that webpage you will find a handout with recommended supplements and dosages as well as a link to order everything but the Chinese herbs and probiotics that we have in our office.

If you want Chinese herbs (I consider that the cornerstone of virus prevention and treatment) or need help creating a plan that will work for you let us know.

Did You Know We Moved?
Our new location is: 2880 Cleveland Ave, Suite #5, Santa Rosa, CA 95403Take a moment right now to update the address in your phone and make a note with our new address in your next appointment.   We’ve updated google maps and all the other online places we could find, but if you have our old address in your phone or your search history, your phone might take you there instead.

As you can see on the map, we’re just on the other side of the freeway, a short distance from our previous clinic space.  For most people the drive time is same same but different and all the map apps do a good job of navigating you here.  We are just south of the Wells Fargo Bank on Cleveland Ave.  Or a few blocks north of the Staples on Cleveland Ave and 2 driveways north of the Thai market.


With smiling eyes,
Christina Ness-Hawks, LAc

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