Hydration for your Spirit

Summer to Fall TransitionsCan you believe the official start of fall is next Saturday, Sept 22?  While it has started to feel a bit crisper in the evenings and mornings, we’re lucky to have warm second summer weather in Sonoma County which often lasts into October.  Chinese Medicine recommends we pay special attention to support our wellbeing during seasonal transitions, so even though it may still feel like summer, now is the time to give yourself a simple wellness boost. 

According to Chinese medicine, human beings are microcosms of the natural universe.  We are subject to the same cycles that occur in nature, which manifest in the functioning of our bodies, minds, and spirits.  I see this when many patients all report similar symptoms at the same time, especially at the change of seasons when our bodies haven’t found the balance yet.  The first place we often start to feel out of balance as we adjust to the new season is our spirit—our mental, emotional, and life force package.  And if we didn’t take proper care of ourselves during the current season, the transition can be a bit rough.

Summer is the time of fire, expansion, growth, activity, joy, and creativity.  It’s common for people to feel a surge of energy, be more outgoing, friendly, and active in the summer.  But it’s important to not burn out.  So I’m recommending over the next few weeks you take set aside a few minutes each day to soothe your spirit.

Spirit Experiment:  Over the next 2 weeks, set aside some time each day for quiet reflection near some water—the antidote to summer fire.  I call this hydrating your spirit.

You don’t even need to leave your house to find calming waters.  Get in your hot tub or bathtub.  You don’t have any tubs you say?  Give yourself a warm foot bath before bed. 
Plan a trip to one of the many beaches, rivers and lakes in Sonoma county for a hike, paddle, or a sit.  On my mountain bike rides in Annadel, I’ve been taking a few extra minutes to get off my bike and stretch and sit near Lake Ilsanjo.

The spirit of summer is all about growth, maturation, accomplishment, expansion, and intuition.  Good questions to ask ourselves in order to integrate what we have learned from the spirit of summer and get ready for fall are:

  • What did I achieve?
  • What are the outcomes? 
  • What benefits did I bring to the world? 
  • What was the process I used?
  • How have I changed?
  • What clarity do I have now? 

So take a moment now to schedule in your spirit hydration.  Grab your calendar and schedule some time with a body of water, even if it’s as small as a foot bath.  Put those questions in your phone so you can refer to them easily.  Let me know how your spirit hydration experiment goes and how your spirit feels during the Summer to Fall transition.

Upcoming Events:  Come join us at one of the upcoming state of mind workshops in September.  It’s the best way I know how to help you connect with your spirit and bring more of your unique gifts to the world effortlessly.  Because with a deeper understanding of how thinking, moods, and behavior work, it becomes easier to listen to your wisdom and reconnect with your true nature of wellbeing.

Resiliency 101, The Art and Science of Thriving
Sept 18 from 6-7 PM
Sept 25 from 9:30-10:30 AM

Pick a date and click the the link above to get more information and save your seat now.  If those dates don’t work for you, click this link to see the schedule for the rest of 2018.  Or drop us an email or a phone call and we’ll register you.

I believe in the power of this understanding so much that the first class is free for patients.  And you can bring a friend for free, because learning blossoms among friends.

Online Scheduling: Now that everyone is in the groove of the back to school routine, people are doing more self care and our patient treatment schedule is busy.  If you want us to be part of your self care routine, hop online to book an appointment:  

Existing patients can book online here Make sure you get a pop up window after you hit the “Submit Appointment Request” button and then follow the instructions in the confirmation emails.  If you don’t get a pop up window, it means some info is missing or the info you provided is not the same as we have in our system.  For example, you have to use the email we have on file, otherwise the system won’t recognize you.

You can access our online booking anytime by clicking anywhere on our website that says “make an appointment” or “book now” and follow the breadcrumbs to “Existing Patients” and “Book Online”.  Existing patients are always welcome to call or email us if you prefer to schedule that way. 

New patients need to call or email us to set up their first appointment because there is just too much information we need to share with them.  

Happy Hydrating for your Spirit!
Christina Ness-Hawks, LAc

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