Effective Herbs for Covid19 Prevention


If you want some support at this time, here’s all the ways Christina is still here to help. We are Thrive Acupuncture And Wellness after all!

NOTE:  Click here for info on requirements for in-person treatments as of May 15, 2020. 


Let us know if you are interested in herbs to prevent COVID-19. We have a shipment of herbs coming that are our best shot at herbal prevention. It’s a combination of an immune boosting formula and an antiviral formula that have been shown to be effective and are commonly prescribed without side effects. Plus we got them in simple-to-take pills.

Supplies are limited because everyone is going crazy for chinese herbs right now and there is a shortage of one of the formulas in the US. Contact us if you are interested, and Christina will be in touch to make sure it’s a good fit and save some for you. If there is enough interest, we will quickly order some more before they run out.

For those that like a little more detail: Christina took a class over the weekend from one of the top herbalists in the US and learned what herbal prevention protocols they used in China for COVID-19 and historically. The current COVID-19 disease is caused by SARS-CoV-2, which is very similar to SARS-CoV which caused the SARS epidemic in 2003. During the SARS epidemic in China, there were several studies on hospital workers who took herbs for prevention that found that they were highly successful. For example, in one study they were 90% effective in preventing hospital workers from getting sick. Recent reports out of China are that the herbs are successful in preventing COVID-19 too.


We’ve been connecting lots of patients with herb and supplement refills. Call or email if you need anything, and we’ll figure out the best way to get it to you.


We’re now set up for private telemedicine consults via secure 2-way video. During a telemedicine consultation we can check in about your health, and Christina will give you herb, acupressure, stress reduction, supplement, diet, or lifestyle recommendations tailored just to you. We tested out the platform on Monday and the patient was very happy.

There is a chance insurance will reimburse for it. Therefore, if you have insurance, we will charge you the below rate and bill insurance and reimburse you if they pay us. You should also be able to use your HSA/FSA/HRA card, so try your card when we send you the invoice.

20 MINUTES for $60:
A quick check in–best for updates or changes to an
existing condition and if you only want 1 or 2

40 MINUTES for $100:
A longer check in–best for new or complicated conditions
or if you want more time to talk or several

NEW PATIENTS- 60 minutes for $120:
We will do a holistic health assessment, set goals and
priorities, and I’ll give you a report of findings with a
Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis and a treatment
plan with herb, acupressure, supplement, lifestyle, and
dietary recommendations.

Existing patients can schedule telemedicine consultations with our online scheduler (make sure you get an email and click confirm in that email). New patients will need to call or contact us using this website.


Join us in a Live WEBINAR starting next week!
A place to drop in weekly, for a breather from all the noise.
Tuesdays 4-5 PM, weekly March 31 thru April 28
Join in any week
It’s free, register at Eventbrite: https://growingmorepeaceful.eventbrite.com

My mentor Julie Gleeson, of the Art of Living, and I are going to host a weekly interactive Zoom conversation to help you reconnect with your peace of mind and resiliency. We’ll shine a light on the mind’s infinite possibility for insight, common sense, creativity, love, peace of mind, and wellbeing, even now! And we’ll answer your questions to help you in your specific circumstances.


I’ll let you in on what I know about state of mind and the human operating system that is keeping me sane. I’ll help you re-connect to your common sense and resiliency, even during unknown and chaotic times.

Personalized Mentoring Rate:    50 minutes for $150

Prepayment Plans:
With the purchase of 5 sessions, get one free, for a total of 6 sessions, 50 minutes each, with emails in between: $750

With the purchase of 9 sessions, get 2 free, for a total of 11 sessions, 50 minutes each, with emails in between: $1,350

We’ll bring back in-person acupuncture treatments as soon as we are able. I know from personal experience that acupuncture is essential for our immune system and stress reduction, so we suspect it will be sooner rather than later.

Here’s to taking a pause and contemplating what is essential. While we are separate in space, we are together in spirit with open hearts, tapping into our best common sense moment to moment.

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