Holiday Healthy Gifts

Give The Gift of Health to Loved OnesDon’t stress about gift giving!  Gifts are supposed to be about appreciation, celebration, and fun after all.  We’re here through Friday, December 23 so you can pick up a gift of health for your loved ones plus give yourself the gift of sanity, all while supporting a small business❣️

You might ask: “A gift of health, how is that fun?!” 

We think it’s fun being healthy, having less pain, and feeling more calm so we can be present and enjoy our lives.  And it’s fun sharing the lesser known natural remedies that actually work!

Here’s 7 healthy gifts that are favorites among patients and staff:

1.  Gift Certificates:  Give the gift of stress relief and a nap.  Or pain relief, digestion support, hormone balancing, immune support… ok you get the picture.  We’re a holistic clinic that treats the whole body so we treat all kinds of acute and chronic health issues.  A lot of times people don’t know acupuncture is an option.  We’d love to show them how it can help them.  Let us know what you want to cover with your gift certificate, and we’ll help you choose an amount.

2.  ???? Evil Bone Water Liniment:  A super-premium liniment that’s good to put on anything that is painful and needs to heal: injuries, joint pain, muscle pain, broken bones, sprains, cuts, insect bites.  We got some fun 2 oz bottles in different colors that make great gifts.  They made them just for the end of the year holidays so they are only available while supplies last, but you can refill them from the regular 4 oz bottles–because we know you’re gonna love it.  PS – there are no bones in the formula.  The Chinese name translates as Rectify Evil Bones Water (aka Heal Your Broken Bones), but the acupuncturist/herbalist making it in Florida has a good sense of humor.

3. Rapid Pain Relief Balm: High quality herbs and oils in natural skin-nourishing butters to quickly treat muscle pain, headaches, injuries, bruises, post-workout pain, menstrual pain, and more.  We love that this balm doesn’t have any menthol or mint, which is unusual for a fast-acting topical treatment for pain relief.  Plus the owner has sensitive skin, making it so clean you could practically eat it.  We have regular and sample sized jars for sale.

4. ???? Herbal Medicinal Foot Soaks: Wild-crafted and small-farm cultivated herbs make up these effective and relaxing foot soaks.  They help with inflammatory pain, promote circulation, support the immune system & metabolism, and are super calming to the nervous system.  It may be surprising to hear that medicinal foot soaks treat the whole body because there are thousands of capillaries in the feet which serve as highways to the rest of the body.

5. ???? Emily’s Skin Soothers: Natural and effective skin care powered by herbs to treat dry skin, chapped and cracked hands and feet, burns, eczema, psoriasis, and any other irritated, red, rough or flaking skin.  The original formula was created by an acupuncturist/herbalist for his baby who had eczema, so the whole line is free from anything synthetic and great for sensitive skin.  This is the balm that got us through the extreme amounts of hand washing at the start of the pandemic and still keeps our hands smooth.  Let us know what skin condition you want to treat and we can help you choose the best formula.

6. B. Immune Throat Spray: Soothe and treat the throat with this tasty spray that’s antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and immunomodulatory.  I know we’re getting tired of thinking about our immune systems, but this is the most fun way to support it.  Great for people who travel, give talks, sing, or otherwise find their throat dry and sensitive, as well as those who want to prevent and treat colds, flus, and sore throats.

7. Do You Want To Know A Secret Book:  A little book of resilience and clarity, whatever your age.  Everyone who picks up this little children’s book with a big message gets a smile on their face.  Some even get tears of joy.  People don’t tend to spend much time in the waiting room here, but when they do and they pick up this book, they often buy a copy right away.  Plus, we have it shipped here directly from the author in England, so it’s a truly unique gift.

You can pick any of these up at your next appointment.  If you don’t have a scheduled appointment, please reach out by phone or email so we can answer any questions, get it ready for you, and make sure we’re not at lunch or otherwise busy in our small business when you swing by.

P.S. Don’t forget to pick up some herbal pills to support you and your loved one’s digestion through the end of the year festivities. 

 You can read all the details that we shared last month in our newsletter here.


End of Year and Schedule ChangesIf you can’t find an appointment in our Online Booking System, call, email, or put yourself on the waitlist and we’ll get you scheduled.

The online system only shows openings so far in advance and we can book some appointments that are not visible, so when in doubt, give us a call and we’ll get you scheduled. 

There’s several changes to the schedule going on and coming up.  Here’s all the details.Busy At The End Of The Year:
We’re sad that Jasmin Jones, LAc is no longer working for Thrive.  She’s an amazing acupuncturist, patients loved her, and we wish her well on her next adventure.

We’ve opened up some more appointments with Christina Ness-Hawks, LAc to make sure you can continue your care.  Christina and Jasmin were supporting many patients together in their treatment plans, so Christina is able to pick up where Jasmin left off to help you to keep making progress towards your goals.

Plus a lot of patients recently booked appointments to get support BEFORE we go on vacation (smart way to keep healthy and sane for the holidays), so our schedule is busy – which is just the way we like it – helping lots of people.  If you can’t find an appointment using the online booking system, please reach out and we’ll get you scheduled.

End of Year Vacation:
We’ll be here through Friday, December 23, then we’re taking the last week of December and few days in January off to rest, reflect, and recharge.  We have appointments in the new year starting Thursday, January 5.

If you want to stock up on herbs to carry you through, get in touch ASAP to make sure we have everything you need.

2023 Schedule Ready For You:
We’ve updated the schedule for the new year in our online booking system with continued increased appointments with Christina and some other adjustments.

Immune Support

“Christina, I just have to tell you that your magic herbs are the real deal!  I started to get sick, and remembered I had squirreled away herbs to take if and when that ever started to happen.  I rarely get sick, so it had been awhile.  So I went to the box, got them out, took them as recommended and WOW, the next day I was no longer ill!  I have no idea what’s in those but they really worked for me.  Thanks for the recommendation that I should always have them available –  and for knowing about them.  You are the best!”

Stock up now BEFORE we are on vacation so you can be prepared with herbs and supplements in case you or those around you get sick.

Check out our updated recommendations we’ve been sharing for the past 2+ years called “The Golden Window For Treating Viruses” and let us know if you want help creating a plan that will work for you:

As the quote above shows, if you treat viruses preventatively or as soon as you feel symptoms, it’s surprisingly effective for preventing a virus from taking hold or reducing symptoms and duration.

“Whatever herbal magic you gave me, Christina, it F-ing worked and turned my Covid around super quickly.  I’m barely coughing and congested right now.  And tested negative after it being dark purple+ two days ago.”

Here’s to having fun being healthy as we celebrate through the start of the new year!
Christina and Team Thrive

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