Thrive is MOVING!! ???? Plus Holiday Overindulgence Support

We’re Excited To Tell You That Thrive is Moving! Here’s a few key things you should know:

We will be closed Thanksgiving week Nov 22-26 while we get ready to welcome you to our new space.  Take a moment to see if you need anything to support your wellbeing while we are closed for a week.  Get in touch now if you need herbs or want to make some appointments in our new space.

As of Monday, November 29 our new location is2880 Cleveland Ave, Suite #5, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Make a note with our new address in your appointments starting November 29 and after.  As you can see on the map, we’re just on the other side of the freeway, a short distance from our current clinic space.  For most people the drive time is same same but different and all the map apps do a good job of navigating you there.  And the parking lot is much simpler!  People keep asking what our new clinic is near.  If you know where the Wells Fargo is on Cleveland Ave, we are the building just behind it, just south of it. Or a few blocks north of the Staples store on Cleveland Ave.

What’s inside the red doors?  More everything — bathrooms, sinks for all the hand washing at any moment, office space for Jules who has been “temporarily” using the waiting room as her office since the start of the pandemic, airy waiting room, treatment rooms, and storage!  Plus we have laundry and a kitchenette.  Somehow with all this more, we’ve managed to still keep it cozy.

Everyone asks what we’re going to do with the extra treatment rooms.  We’re going to hire another acupuncturist to join our team!  I’ve always had the vision of having a community of acupuncturists as well as patients.  Life says the time is now!

Thanks for all your support along the way and especially in the last 2 years.  We were looking for a space to expand into in February of 2020, but we put it on hold with the start of the pandemic.  Who knew what was gonna happen to a small healthcare practice like ours?!  It turns out people are more motivated than ever to get and stay healthy.  And we’re honored that you have trusted us to do everything we can to support you no matter what life throws our way.

Upcoming Events

So many patients have been telling me they are struggling with stress, anxiety, and low moods lately.  I have a theory that while people are excited to be getting back to normal a little bit more, they also have new habits of thinking about what is safe.  So while your intellect knows that community spread is low and you’re comfortable with the risk of going out to dinner, spending the holidays with family, or seeing live music, there are some habits of thinking that you’ve built up over the last year and 9 months about people not being safe.  There can be an underlying habit of thought that is screaming “danger danger” when you’re with more people.  This screaming may not be so clear in what it is saying, but it is clear with the feelings of tension, stress, and anxiety in your body.  If you want to explore how to understanding your thinking in a way which allows for more ease and resiliency as we adjust to this round of changes, and many more changes that are sure to come our way, please come join us this Tuesday. 
Weekly Virtual Zoom Conversation
Tuesdays 4pm – 5pm PST every week
Hosts: Julie Gleeson, Founder of The Art of Living Inc, and
Christina Ness-Hawks, LAc from Thrive Acupuncture and Wellness Corp.
 Click this link to our event page for more info and the link to register.
We’re so confident in how helpful this conversation is that the first month is FREE, so you can come check it out without any pressure.  Click this link to our event page for all the information about the community and the link to register.


Pick Up Your Curing Pills For The Holiday OverindulgencesThe holidays encourage a bit of excess and you want to be ready to ride the wave.  I think the point of being healthy is to find a place where we can indulge here and there and come back to balance easily.  Of course if you are working on a specific health challenge or trying to reach a certain health goal, now is not the time to indulge.  But if you’re feeling pretty good, I believe in moderation of all things as, including moderation sometimes.

If you are consciously going to indulge in that rich holiday meal, treat, cocktail–or all three–how do you plan to support your body?  Staying well hydrated is key.  Aim to drink between 80 ounces to half your body weight in ounces of water a day.  And make sure you get some electrolytes or natural salts so all the water doesn’t just rush through you.  Making fresh ginger tea is supportive.  You can cut a few slices of fresh ginger and boil it in water for 5 minutes.  The fibers from the ginger are really good for your digestive system so that’s why it’s helpful to use fresh ginger and really get it boiled in the water.    And having some Curing Pills on hand for you and the whole family really helps get everyone back in balance

What are Curing Pills?  They’re a Chinese medicine herbal pill that’s good for all kinds of digestive imbalances that are common during the holidays including: upset stomach, indigestion, overeating, and hangover.  How can they be good for so many things?  Unlike western medications that are specific for certain kinds of digestive imbalances, Curing Pills don’t move your digestion in a specific direction, they regulate your digestion back to harmony.  That is why their other name is Healthy Peaceful Pills.

Here’s how I take Curing Pills:

  • Prevention (My eyes were bigger than my stomach): 1 Packet after a meal.
  • Upset Stomach (As soon as I can tell something I ate or drank did not agree with me):  1 Packet now, 1 More Packet every hour for the next 3 hours if things aren’t feeling good yet.
  • General Digestive Imbalance (My digestion is moving slower or faster than normal and I just realized it’s been happening for a few days): 1 Packet 3 Times/Day for a day or two.

Warning: Curing Pills are not for you if you have true Celiac disease because they contain an herb that is a relative of wheat and you should aim to avoid all contact with anything wheat related.

Reassurance: Curing Pills are well tolerated by people who are normally sensitive to wheat because the herb is grown in China and it’s fermented before it’s made into a tea and then freeze dried into a pill.  Many wheat sensitive people in the US have no problem when they eat wheat grown from other places around the world.  And fermentation changes the building blocks of wheat proteins and carbohydrates which makes wheat tolerable for most people, even for some people who have Celiac disease.  I still recommend people with Celiac disease avoid it because, in that instance, it’s better safe than sorry.  But I’ve never met someone who is simply sensitive to wheat that has found that Curing Pills don’t agree with them.

Some might say that in a perfect world, during the holiday times we’d all eat and drink in moderation and avoid weird food combinations and sweets.  But I believe the point of being healthy is so that you can relax about it all at times.  There have been times where I was struggling with a health challenge and I kept to a very regimented diet 100% of the time to support healing, but I’m not there now.  So in my current perfect world, since I’m pretty healthy, I eat darn well most of the time and sometimes when I’m celebrating I consciously indulge.  Most of the time that works out pretty well for me.  When it doesn’t, I have my Curing Pills to get me back in harmony.

Here’s to Welcoming You to Our New Office in Two Weeks!
Christina Ness-Hawks, LAc

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