Are You in Balance this Spring?

Spring Wellness Plan, Part 1

March 20th to June 20th 

The Spirit of Renewal, Creativity, Growth, Flexibility, & Vision

Sonoma Mustard and OakAccording to Chinese medicine, human beings are microcosms of the natural universe.  We are subject to the same cycles that occur in nature, which manifest in the functioning of our bodies, minds, and spirits.  I see this when many patients all report similar symptoms at the same time, especially at the change of seasons when our body hasn’t found the balance yet.  We all know that allergies, colds, and flus have their seasons.  But did you know migraines, depression, frustration, and insomnia do too?  With this awareness, you can make use of the natural energy of Spring to maximize your productivity, sooth any discomforts, and prepare for what’s to come.

5 Elements

Each season is associated with a particular element, color, energy, climatic force, organ/physiological function in the body, and emotion.

Spring According to the Five Elements

  • Element: Wood
  • Color: Green
  • Nature: Yang
  • Climate: Wind
  • Organs: Liver, Gallbladder
  • Emotion: Anger

Spring is the time for get up and do. It is the season of activity: rebirth, sudden growth, and rapid expansion.  Seeds sprout, flowers bloom, and the sun warms the earth.  There is a sense of renewal and new life all around.  It’s time for things that have been resting, and replenishing, germinating and gestating, hidden and gathering power though the cold and quiet winter, to emerge and burst forth, take form, and assert themselves.

Our sense of balance in Spring is intricately connected to whether or not we took advantage of the natural energy in the previous seasons.

  • Winter is the time of storage and hibernation so it is a good time for internal focus and recharging your batteries.  In order to have the energy to spring forward, we need to make sure we took the time to rest in winter
  • Summer is the time of growth, maturation, and outward expression.  Gardens grow tall and flowers turn to fruits and seeds.  If we let stagnation slow us down in Spring, or wear ourselves down with Spring fever, we won’t have the force to be able to reach our full potential of the joy of summer and may struggle with agitation or nervousness.
  • Autumn harvest is the time of letting go.  If we didn’t let go of outmoded beliefs or emotions in the fall it can show up as stagnation in the Spring and can result in emotional outbursts, agitation, or stagnation.

Finding the Balance

When in balance in Spring we find the will to initiate and execute projects that we have been contemplating. This burgeoning of activity can also stir tumultuous feelings if we don’t take proper care.

How In Balance Are You This Spring?

Out of Balance

In Balance

Lack of focus, decisiveness, and firmness of purpose to achieve your visions Able to hone your vision, focus your energy, make decisions, and take action with creative vision
Lethargy, lack of motivation Enthusiasm to begin new projects
Hyper-Responsible Work-aholic—so goal focused you neglect your needs or personal relationships Grace, creative flow and the resiliency to adapt to change come easy, without loosing the big picture
Foggy thinking, forgetfulness Unformed ideas, plans, and aspiration begin to take on shape and detail
Outbursts of anger, increased frustration, restlessness, irritability, PMS (for women), depression, insomnia Able to express emotions in a healthy way, especially anger (Anger can be the impulse to create change; it can be positive and dynamic when channeled in a healthy way!)
Thrown off by changes and obstacles, either becoming rigid and angry when things to not go according to plan, or feeling hopeless and frustrated so you give up on your goals When obstacles arise you stay rooted in your mission while remaining flexible and seeking a new path, bending gracefully to accommodate the winds of change
Tight tendons, muscle pulls and strains, joint pains Muscles, tendons, and joints are flexible and pain free, the head is clear, eyes and skin are moist and cool, digestion is running smoothly
Headaches, blurry, red, or dry eyes
Dry skin, itchiness, rashes
Rib-side pain, poor digestion, abdominal distention

Stay tuned for the Spring Wellness Plan, Part 2 with tips to help you get your spring back in your step!…

(Image Source: Chris Willis)

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