Are You in Balance this Summer?

Summer Wellness Plan, Part 1

June 21st to September 4th

The Spirit of Expansion, Growth, Joy, and Intuition

Summer Lavendar

According to Chinese medicine, human beings are microcosms of the natural universe.  We are subject to the same cycles that occur in nature, which manifest in the functioning of our bodies, minds, and spirits.  I see this when many patients all report similar symptoms at the same time, especially at the change of seasons when our body hasn’t found the balance yet.  We all know that allergies, colds, and flus have their seasons.  But did you know anxiety, heart palpitations, heartburn, and rashes do too?  With this awareness, you can make use of the natural energy of Summer to maximize your energy, soothe any discomforts, and prepare for what’s to come.

5 Elements

Each season is associated with a particular element, color, energy, climatic force, organ, and emotion.

Summer According to the Five Elements

  • Element: Fire
  • Color: Red
  • Nature: Yang
  • Climate: Heat
  • Organs: Heart, Small Intestine
  • Emotion: Joy

Summer is the time for inspired action and expression. It is the season of peak activity, upward movement, rapid growth and expansion, maturation, and expression.  The earth gathers more heat from the sun, flowers turn to fruit and ripen, bees are buzzing, and animals scurry around with abundant energy.  There is a sense of abundance and connection all around. It’s time for the growth and development of spring to harness the warming and expansive energy of summer and mature to its fullest expression with exuberance.

Our sense of balance in Summer is intricately connected to whether or not we took advantage of the natural energy in the previous seasons.

  • Spring is the time of renewal and rebirth.  If we rode the surge of spring energy without stopping, then we won’t have the energy to experience the joy of summer and we’ll be exhausted.
  • Autumn harvest is the time of letting go.  If we didn’t let go of outmoded beliefs or emotions in the fall we won’t have space for new experiences.  It can show up as a lack of enthusiasm and courage or even anxiety for new challenges and opportunities.
  • Winter is the time of storage and hibernation so it is a good time for internal focus and recharging your batteries.  We need to make sure we took time to connect with our sources of inner joy in the winter.  If not, we may feel lacking and look for fulfillment outside ourselves.

Finding the Balance

When in balance in Summer we feel excited and courageous to take on challenges that will help us realize our life’s potential. This increase of activity can also stir tumultuous feelings if we don’t take proper care.

How In Balance Are You This Summer?

Out of Balance

In Balance

Joy is out of whack: depression, sorrow (too little joy), mania, chaos, over-exuberant (too much joy), shock, detached from reality, inappropriate laughter (disconnected from joy) Joy is in balance: calm, stable, and tranquil enthusiasm, warmth, and love
Looking for happiness outside yourself in things, objects, situations, relationships, status, material gain, power, etc. Joy is self-generated, comes from within, not erroneously ascribed to an external cause. It is a joy that celebrates life but is not dependent on how life shows up.
Agitation, nervousness, nervous exhaustion, incessant talking, anxiety, panic attacks Calm sensitivity and expression of emotions, awareness, consciousness, and compassion
Foggy, scattered mind, forgetfulness, distracted, disjointed thinking, confusion, poor memory, and speech problems Good memory and thought processes, wisdom, clear senses, intuition, and clear speech
Insomnia, difficulty sleeping, particularly staying soundly asleep, and restlessness, disturbed sleep, disturbing dreams Sound, restful sleep, wake feeling rested
Fainthearted, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke Strong healthy heart, good circulation
Heartburn, indigestion, constipation Easy digestion with proper breakdown and assimilation of food in the small intestines
Aversion to heat, dehydration, profuse sweating, parched mouth and throat, excess body heat, excessively red or pale complexion, hot flashes Body and emotions not easily effected by the heat, temperature easily regulated, robust complexion, clear head, clear skin
Headaches, irritability
Rashes, skin irritations, eczema, acne

Stay tuned for the Summer Wellness Plan, Part 2 with tips to help you keep the spring in your summer step!…

(Image Source: Barbara Hall Photography)

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