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Would you like to experience more clarity, peace of mind, and joy, even in the midst of challenging circumstances?

Do you want more satisfying easy relationships, in which you can listen and communicate deeply, while appreciating differences?

Are you interested in a more imaginative path to happiness and success, that supports evolution, growth, and a sense of connection to the miraculous along the way?

What if I told you there is ONE solution to learning to thrive and becoming more resilient than you ever thought? 

The problem most people face is a widespread misunderstanding about where our mental well-being comes from.  Most people attribute their stress and dissatisfaction to outside circumstances.  As a result, we spend a lot of effort trying to change those circumstances so we can feel better.

What if I told you that we have been looking in the wrong direction for all the answers?  There is actually ONE Solution that will help you solve everything that appears to be a problem.  And better yet it doesn’t require any techniques and can be experienced by anyone at any time.  The ONE solution comes from clearing up a misunderstanding about how mental well-being and human resiliency work.

In this workshop I’m going to share with you a simple understanding that reminds you about the great pool of peace and creativity built into all human beings.  This insight, as experienced,discovered, and taught by the late Sydney Banks, explains The Three Principles behind how our psychological experience works.

We’ll explore how seeing this for yourself can be your ONE solution to rediscovering how to tap into your wisdom that allows you to effortlessly thrive in work, relationships, and life, regardless of your current or future circumstances. 

Come join us in monthly conversation to explore what is possible.  Keep joining us to build a deeper foundation of resiliency for thriving.

  • One Friday a Month, 2 pm to 5 pm, in 2017:
    Feb 10   |   March 10   |    April 28   |   May 12   |   June 9   |   July 14   |   Aug 11   |   Sept 22   |   Oct 20   |    Nov 10   |   Dec 8
  • Tuition: $122, Early Bird Registration $97, Register with a friend for a $12 discount each, Package of 3 workshops for $225
  • By Christina Ness-Hawks, LAc at Thrive Acupuncture and Wellness, 3412 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA
  • Limited seats are available so register ahead of time to save your spot: http://wisdom-workshop.eventbrite.com

The One Solution Wisdom Workshops are based on the work of Sydney Banks, who uncovered The Three Principles that are the foundation of all human experience in 1973.  For over 40 years this understanding has been brought to many arenas of life such as:

  • The fields of mental health and addiction, with profound healing and recovery;
  • The field of relationships where understanding and connection flourished;
  • The fields of business, health care, and sports, where burnout was reduced and innovation and performance blossomed;
  • The fields of education and parenting, where kids and adults found innate happiness, stopped bullying and gang behavior;
  • The fields of community development and policing, ending crime and preventing poverty.

Among all this diversity there is ONE solution.  Because with an understanding of The Principles underlying the human experience, the solution is the same to all of humanity’s problems.

“The wisdom humanity seeks lies within the consciousness of all human beings, trapped and held prisoner by their own personal minds.”
–Sydney Banks, The Missing Link, Reflections on Philosophy & Spirit

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