New Year – Better Purpose

Happy 2019!I’m not a new year’s resolution kind of person.  Every moment is an opportunity for fresh thinking and insights.  And that’s where real change comes from, not from the turning of a calendar.

But I do enjoy the kind of reflection that happens naturally around the end and start of the year.  I think part of it is the winter here in the northern hemisphere that encourages a bit more hibernation.  And there are lots of things that reset in the new year, which invites us to make conscious choices about how we want to do it this time around.

Want to add more depth to your reflections?  Try this experiment.  I do this every year around this time.

Mind Experiment:  Reverse engineer your goals, resolutions, dreams, aspirations, or whatever you want to call them.  Ask yourself: if I reach my goal, what kind of experience will I be having?  What will I be feeling?  Then commit to inviting more of that feeling into your life right now.
If you want to kick some booty at work so you can feel aligned with purpose, why not invite more alignment with purpose into your life right now?  Allow yourself the freedom to not do the things that don’t feel aligned with purpose.  Yes, really give yourself permission to not do everything.  If you can get quiet enough, I think you’ll find that you still choose to do most of the things you were planning on doing and you’ll feel the purpose in your formerly mundane daily tasks.  The other ones can wait until you feel called to do them.

If you want to spend less time on your phone so you can feel more present with your family, why not invite more presence into your life right now.  Start uni-tasking (the opposite of multitasking) and enjoy the pleasure of doing something with attention.  Try listening to your family members with true curiosity to understand their perspective.

If you want to plan more girl’s or guy’s nights so you can feel more connected with your community, why not invite more connection into your life right now.  Did you know you don’t actually have to be in the same room to feel connected with someone?  You don’t actually have to be talking or texting with them.  It’s actually pretty effortless to rest in the love and connection we have with loved ones just by thinking about them.

Why wait to have the experience you want to have?  Invite those feelings into your life right now.  The bonus is that the more clear you are on what kind of experience you want to have, and the more committed you are to having that experience along your journey, the more effortless it will be to accomplish your goals.  When I say effortless, I don’t mean without doing things in the world.  I mean doing them with less mental struggle and more good feelings.

Give it a try and let me know how it feels!

Upcoming Events:If some of your reflections have you looking in the direction of less stress and more connecting with your spark, come learn the inside-out understanding that allows people to thrive in work, relationships, health and life, regardless of circumstances.

Our first state of mind workshop in 2019 is coming up fast and space is limited, so click this link to register and save your seat for:

Resiliency 101–The Art and Science of Thriving
Tuesday, January 29th from 6-7

In this uplifting workshop you’ll learn how your mind works, so you can enjoy more peace of mind and:

  • Supercharge your performance
  • Improve your relationships
  • Enter the healing zone

New in 2019:

  • Classes are monthly on select Tuesdays from 6-7. If the January date doesn’t work for you, you can check out future dates and register at eventbrite, or get in touch so we can help you register.
  • Tuition is $20 and all proceeds will be donated to the Ceres Community Project.  Ceres supports the resiliency of our community with nutritious meals for families coping with serious illness.  And they empower youth by teaching them to grow, cook, and deliver the meals.  If you’re not familiar with them, check them out!

New Year, New Insurance?Have there been any changes to your insurance?  Make sure to let us know before your next appointment so we can re-verify your benefits.  It’s a busy time of year for verifications, so it’s taking our billing department 48 hours verify benefits.  And acupuncture is like the black sheep of insurance.  The billing department has to call and talk to someone and ask all sorts of acupuncture specific questions.  But we’d rather do that now than get surprised when your claims come back.  We hate insurance surprises.

Acupuncture as Preventative MedicineDid you know that acupuncture works best as preventative medicine.  Is it time to come in for a tune-up?  If you want to boost your immune system, support your muscles and joints,  and reset your nervous system and organ functions, get on my table.

Existing patients can book online here.  Make sure you get a confirmation email and click “CONFIRM” in that email.

You can access our online booking anytime by clicking anywhere on our website that says “make an appointment” or “book now” and follow the breadcrumbs to “Existing Patients” and “Book Online”.  Existing patients are always welcome to call or email us if you prefer to schedule that way or you’re not finding any appointments that work for you online.

New patients need to call or email us to set up their first appointment because there is just too much information we need to share with you.

Happy Inside-out Reflecting and Mind Explorations!
Christina Ness-Hawks, LAc

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